Message From Managing Director

This has been a pleasing year for the company, in which we achieved a good set of result and solid growth despite a tough year of increased competition and challenging economic conditions. Our result reflects strong execution of our strategy and effective delivery of our core purpose, connecting people for a better future.

I’m delighted to introduce Madry jeans Limited is a trusted local buying agent in Bangladesh. Mainly, Denim based company, works as an eye of customer in terms of service and practice by the responsibilities.
Bangladesh is a part of RMG exporting counties in the world. And we have lot of natural resource to utilize. Each of year, we are growing and expanding ourselves to contribute in the economy of the country.
It’s appreciated about the Denim industries locally are growing very fast and We have quality denim which is un-comparable vs our neighbor’s countries now a day’s.
I would like to give special thanks to Madry Jeans Limited employees who are utilizing their expertise everywhere in sourcing, developments, merchandise and day to day contributions. We think it’s a big team now and can make better and bring more success in near future.

Managing Director