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The sourcing and merchandising has the same goal to meet i.e. to get right fabric/trims at right place on right time and with right price. As merchandiser is key person in whole order processing hence sourcing is the integral part of merchandising activities. The role of merchandiser in sourcing can be described as

  • Madry Jeans merchandiser bares the responsibility of sourcing
  • Madry Jeans have special sourcing team coordinates merchandiser to source the fabric, trims, laundry etc.
  • The approvals related to fabric i.e. lab-dips, desk-loom, print-strike-off, dye-lot, thread run, needs to get from partner customers within time frame.
  • The art work, trim card need to get approved from buyer which is responsibility of sourcing team under merchandiser.
  • To maintain the proper buffer in Time and action calendar is the part of responsibility.
The increasing use of sourcing practices dramatically changes the way of products develop, manufacturing and distribution. These changes scenario makes the industry more efficient to fulfil customer demands in a defined cycle time, and at comparative costs. The strategy of sourcing the raw material for garment manufacturing is depends upon parameters like lead time, cost and quality. The international laws of tariffs and trade affects these strategies strongly.  Apart from these conditions, sourcing decisions are made based on domestic market condition, cost benefits, international market situation, relation between the respective countries and political stability of the country.

Design & Development

Madry Jeans Limited know the importance of product development subjects supported the potentiality of
design and product development process. We assured that without innovation in design and development, a
sustainable growth is impossible in today’s world. Some important point was discussed by the selected subjects.
Design and product development concept was a time demand factors. From late 2000s, design& product
development concept was being introduced. When various factories were making same simple product, then the product prices started to drop. To become different and grab the buyer’s attention, Design and product development is a most important for us. To communicate properly with buyers, the factories were needed to understand the technical issue of sample development. So design and product development department with proper skilled people
was become so necessary. Design& product development can be considered as a problem solving tools as the designer need to study about the sample before.
Madry Jeans Limited have dedicated design and developments team. Before going to bulk production, understanding the workmanship of any given new style is very important. If there any problem arises in early stage of development, it can be solved. Pricing or any kind of technical issue also.
As now the most important task for the industry is to reduce the lead time of garment manufacturing, If there a department of design and development with skilled person, the initial problems can be shorted out and all new workmanship of a sample can be understood thus DPD can help to drive fast the bulk production. Now a day, Bangladesh is getting more orders and attention from buyer for their own design and sample development. The importance of product development has been described previously by many researchers. They indicated the importance of design, product line and implementation of mass customization.


Merchandiser is the BRIDGE between the industry and the buyer. He have to look after every job like buying the raw material which is required to finish the product, making the garment, finishing the garment, documentation, finally shipping. He is the responsible person to make the product. A garment export unit generally has many department like stores, cutting, production, packing, checking etc. in which Merchandising department a linking device of all. The job of a merchandiser is to co ordinate with the entire department in the office as well as the customers. The merchandiser is the one who creates a good relationship in between exporter and buyer.

Madry Jeans Limited have dedicated Merchandising team against each partner brands. They make sure bellow responsibilities …

  1. Internal and external communication,
  2. Sampling,
  3. Lab dips approval from customer
  4. Accessories and trims developments and getting approvals,
  5. Preparing internal papers for smooth executions,
  6. Advising and assisting production team avoid mistakes,
  7. Advising quality department about quality level,
  8. Mediating production and quality departments,
  9. Giving shipping instructions and following shipping,
  10. Helping documentation department,
  11. Taking responsibility for inspections and
  12. Following shipment.

Quality Control

Madry Jeans Limited are very much aware about the global RMG Business. The Managements are involve this sector since 2007 . Organizations worldwide have been exploring ways to improve business practices to gain competitive edge. An increasing number of organizations in developing countries are practicing Quality Management in order to generate improvements in performance and remain competitive.
The Madry Jeans Quality Team have a vision which the firm can only achieve through long-term planning, by drawing up and implementing annual quality plans which gradually lead the firm towards the fulfilment of the vision as well as integrated organizational effort designed to improve quality at every level. To be defined as a set of techniques and procedures used to reduce or eliminate variation from a production process or service-delivery system in order to improve efficiency, reliability, and quality. The QA team is an integrative philosophy of management for the continuous improvement of product and process quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Total quality management is a business approach aiming at providing quality products to achieve customer satisfaction. To approach business that attempts to maximize the competitiveness of an organization through the continual improvement of the quality of its products, services, people, processes, and environments. The idea is that the quality of products and processes is the responsibility of everyone who is involved with the development and/or use of the products or services. QA team involves management, workforce, suppliers, and even customers, in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.
Madry Jeans Limited have dedicated QA Officer to each Partner Factory to make sure quality , product service according to the customer requirements.